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We are a graphic & web design studio based in Carrick-on-Shannon, Co.Leitrim.

We are a fully integrated multi-disciplinary design agency & consultancy. We are the one of Ireland's leading branding experts & create powerful resonating identities that work. Educated visual & digital media we are creative, passionate, & disciplined in achieving success for our clients.

Our range of services cover all your design & creative needs to help you grow & develop as a business. As an award winning design studio we help build a creative culture within businesses with our design-based approach identifying new ways for you to innovate & flourish.

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    Our Services

    Over the years we have had the pleasure to design, advise & shape many different sizes of businesses. So, whether your business is a Start Up, Small to Medium, Well Established, Multi-National or if it is just you as an Individual, we at BrandNeue can accommodate your needs & requirements with range of services to suit your needs & budget.

    Graphic & Print
    Logo, Identity Creation, Creative Planning
    Publication Design
    Magazines, Reports, Broshures
    Package Design
    Product Identity, Martketing, Adverts
    Product, Campaigns, Promotional Items
    Web & Social
    Web Design
    Website Design, Build, Production,
    Ui & Interface
    Page Design, User flows, Architeture
    App Design
    Iphone App, Android App, Tablet Design
    Online & Social Design
    Social Media setup, Email Marketing.
    Tv & Motion
    Web Advert, Short Information Spots
    Adverts, Live Video Production
    Motion Design
    3D, Modelling, Kinetic
    Explainer Elements, Motion Elements

    It is said you are only as good as your last job. At BrandNeue we don’t rely on sales calls, or stuffy networking, our work comes directly from word-of–mouth. At BrandNeue our quality, customer service & final product is beyond compare & we make it our mission to prove it.


    Method & Ideaology

    Analyze & Plan

    For a project to be successful weresearch consumer insights, user goals& business requirements includingthem when planning our timelines &resource needs.

    Analyze & Plan
    Concept & Design
    Concept & Design

    We work together with uniqueperspectives to produce concepts that result in polished ideas based on adetailed understanding.

    Develop & Refine

    Our aim is to fully understand eachclient’s business & the environment in which it operates by performing acompetitive analysis in all areas.

    Develop & Refine
    Launch & Integration
    Launch & Integration

    We integrate the work and design with seamless precision, complimenting &improving at every step.

    Measure & Perfect

    We evaluate so performance can beimproved over time to create a better,more relevant experience for users& clients.

    Measure & Perfect

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    +353 86 876 55 96

    BrandNeue is an award-winning visual communications & creative media design agency.
    We offer a range of powerful graphic & web design services to make your business grow tall, stride with confidence & evolve.

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